Miss C’s Hoppy Easter!

This little sweetie had a lot to giggle about in her precious hand crocheted bunny ears!!


Miss A’s Birthday Bash!!

Miss A’s Very Happy Birthday!!  We went to Texas recently and I had the pleasure of taking photos of this little lady.   We had so much fun!!  It was incredibly windy but she was such a natural model that she just breezed through it!

Smell The Flowers

Spring finally seems to be sticking this time around!  I’m loving the Daffodils that are popping up everywhere and the animals and kids are finally getting to spend some much needed time in the warm sunshine!! These are a few shots from our first outing in this beautiful weather 🙂 My daughter picked every daffodil she could find on our journey and thought it would be so nice for Mommy (and the camera!) to get a smell of their sweet fragrance!

Dashing Through the Cold

A post that is long past due!!   Surely you’ll remember this adorable bunch from the 50’s inspired shoot.  We set out one afternoon – in the freezing cold – to get some nice shots as Christmas gifts.  Isn’t that so sweet and thoughtful??? If only all kids would band together to get some nice photo’s for mom and dad 🙂  They froze their butts off…and I’m not gonna lie…I think I lost feeling of my fingers after the first 10 minutes, but – they were such troopers!! You’d never know they were ready to bolt to Florida or Hawaii!!  And they managed to be as photogenic as ever!