Attention All Photography Bloggers

I’m in a pickle.  I knew I would eventually hit my space limit on wordpress but never imagined it would come so soon.  How do you all continue to keep your old photos actively available while adding new content???  Who do you have your domain hosted through?? I am open to all options, however I do not typically do paid work so an expensive domain would not be an option for me.   I am really looking forward to your feedback!!


5 thoughts on “Attention All Photography Bloggers

    • Thank you!! I was seriously considering that, but I was thinking if I have to pay for the upgrade yearly, and surely by next year I will end up needing more space (since I wouldn’t be able to afford more than the $20 – 10 mb upgrade) I would end up paying more in the long run than with a domain. However, it is still a very good option for now and may be best in the short term. I appreciate your feedback so very much and I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well 😀

  1. Hi Heather,
    After 2 years of blogging and posting over 2000 images I have only used 9% of the allowable space for storage on WordPress, so I downloaded one of your photographs to look at the size and I think you could easily solve your problem making you images MUCH smaller.

    For web view each image only needs to be 72 dpi (you can still choose whatever dimensions you want it to be) and each of yours is 300 (this makes each image over 3 MB and that isn’t necessary except for printing) such large images can also make your website unwieldy for others to use as the download time can be exceptionally slow and this will only become more problematic as you add more images. You should be able to change the size in whatever image processing program you use.

    I hope this helps!

    • Thank you, Karen!! I really appreciate you taking the time to not only respond but to check into my photo’s sizes so you could give me really constructive and easy to understand feedback. I haven’t re-sized any of my images before so that never even occurred to me, I will be going through them all to do that now!

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