1950’s Inspired Photo Shoot

These kids got together with the idea of a ’50’s inspired shoot for their moms Birthday.  How sweet is that?!

We had to keep it as much under wraps as we could and now I can FINALLY share some of the images here with you all!!  This shoot was all done in downtown Orange, Va – until this shoot came up I honestly didn’t realize we had so many amazing nooks and crannies that make such great backdrops!  They were such troopers too, pounding the pavement with me for all the right shots,  grinning through the heat, and trying not to squint from the brightness of the ironically completely cloud filled sky.  Did I mention that this sweet girl also didn’t fuss once while I was doing her hair and make-up at 8:30 in the morning during her summer vacation???? If only we could all be so easy-going as this bunch!!


3 thoughts on “1950’s Inspired Photo Shoot

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