B&W vs. Color: Part I

I’ve mentioned my love for Black and White images and how difficult it sometimes is for me to find the right photo’s that I feel will really take on new life once converted.  Twice I have shared selected B&W conversions with the idea that I would maybe share the colored counterparts of those images and here is part i!

These images are the Black and White conversions that didn’t shout out to me once I stripped them to their bare bones.  They are all beautiful in their own respects, I even love some of these black and white images, but they still didn’t take me to the level needed to not look back at the original color image.  Maybe you will see them differently.

WhiteHorse-horz IvyColor-horz Parting-horz Flow-horz ReclaimedBuilding-horz MillerHouse-horz Wishes-tile WildFlower3-tile IMG_5552-1-combo DandelionSeed-tile BaringAllFiltered-horz 1Room-horz


4 thoughts on “B&W vs. Color: Part I

  1. I find that singling out one area of color in an otherwise B&W image can be really effective. For example, the little red roof in the building shot would be perfect. Good work tho. On this series I prefer your color versions.

    • That is such a great recommendation – Thanks!! I will be looking at some B&W’s differently now that you shed a little more light on them for me 🙂

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