’56 Ford Fairlane

We headed out to a car show this weekend to find that they rescheduled it for September.  Although most of the cars had left I had the honor of meeting the two remaining classic car owners.  Since we were basically all alone out there together I was lucky enough to get plenty of amazing shots of this beautifully restored ’56 Ford Fairlane!  The owner was so sweet and just let me hover around with my camera as long as I wanted!  Because I know the rest of you couldn’t make it out to central Virginia to check out this beauty I thought I would share her with you on here!  Enjoy!!

This is a 1956 Ford Fairlane Crown Victoria painted in Peacock Blue and Colonial White which were colors offered from the factory which also came with the Thunderbird engine.  This baby also came with luxury options such as power seating (picture 4 counting straight down on the left – labeled seatcontrol) power steering, power brakes, and power windows!  A “Lifeguard” package was also available at the time which included lap belts, padded dash and visors, a breakaway rear view mirror, double grip door latches to keep doors from opening in a crash and ejecting occupants, and a “deep-center” steering wheel.  This particular vehicle did not come with all of the optional safety features.


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