Just a quick reminder that the giveaway for the $25 gift certificate to is still running, but you only have TWO more days left to enter!!  I will post a winner Tuesday, June 7th!  You can enter to win through my facebook page! Goodluck 😀

$25 could go towards any of the amazing items available on their site – here are just a few!!          **All photos shown are examples from**

Never lose a cap again!!

Don’t have a tripod handy?? Grab one of these nifty stabilizers and never miss a long exposure again!

How awesome are these?! Yes, please!

Not into the neck straps? Grab this cozy hand strap!! I just might snag one myself…

Or I might want to snag this!! With a nifty little case attached to the strap you’d never have to worry about keeping up with your film or memory cards! Available in brown(pictured) or red!

Into film?? Snag a cute box of three rare films!!

Need a cozy home for your point and shoot?? Or just a safe place to keep the crayons?? Look no farther!

As you can see there are so many awesome things to check out!!  I had a hard time keeping the examples to just these seven!


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