Interesting Insects

I discovered these beautiful pink, spikey buds and flowers growing near the woodline.  As I was browsing through the bush to get the best angles I came across these very interesting “S” black caterpillar type creatures.  A few times they struck their hind-end’s at the leaf, I think in an attempt to shoo me away.  I have never seen these guys before.  They were enjoying the leaves from this particular flower bush, though, and it seemed each one had their very own leaf all for himself!

I know we are also in for a treat with the locusts this year and took a few shots of the shells I found in and around one of our Dogwood trees.  It’s really quite amazing how they are able to shed that without causing more than the small split down the back!


2 thoughts on “Interesting Insects

    • I have tried to find that particular “s” caterpillar bug but haven’t had any luck identifying it so far. I loved those flowers, glad you enjoyed them too!

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