Twinkling stars in a clear evening sky are one of my favorite things to share with my daughter.  I feel so lucky that we live in an area that isn’t too polluted with artificial light when the sun goes down so that we can really appreciate when these tiny sparks of light come out to shine on down on us.

The first two photo’s are from a night that was deeply dark, the perfect backdrop to really highlight the stars!  I especially love in the second photo how the moon is a cresent but the glow completed the circle!  About 5-7 days later, around the same time in the evening, I went out to attempt some other shots and found the sky to be a beautiful blue with little fluffy clouds.  Some were breezing by so quickly that it caused an interesting effect in the photo!  I initially thought the clear, dark sky was what made a perfect night sky shot but was soon singing a different tune once the cloudy, blue night sky was really seen as well!  There is so much beauty in the world and it’s amazing how much we miss looking for perfection.

NightSky MoonWingsOfClouds


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